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      Products and Service
      Your current position: Thermal insulation material products
      Thermal insulation material products
      Ultrafine basalt fiber cotton

      As diameter is less than 3μm, continuous fiber is not able to be formed. Therefore, the ultrafine basalt fiber can only be used to make fiber cotton. The operating temperature can reach 650℃, so it can be used as thermal insulation and sound-absorbing material.

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      Performance parameters of ultrafine basalt fiber cotton
      item unit value
      Fiber average diameter μm 0.5-3
      Non-fiber content % <7
      humidity % 2
      Coefficient of heat conduction W/(m.k) < 0.035
      Operating temperature < 650
      Basalt fiber wet-laid mat

      Our company develops the improved wet-laid mat technology which was initiated domestically. The basalt fiber cotton and fibrofelt with this technology has extraordinary properties in room temperature and high temperature conditions such as low thermal conductivity coefficient and good thermostabilization, which can meet the demand of thermal insulation under high temperature in many fields. In addition, this technology can reprocess leftover materials of basalt fiber cotton from other production into qualified basalt fiber cotton and fibrofelt, which improves the material use factor and reduces the cost of production.

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      Parameter list of ultrafine basalt fiber wet-laid mat
      item value Test standard
      Thickness 5~30mm adjustable GB/T 5480-2008
      density 0.09~0.12g/cm3 GB/T 5480-2008
      Heat conductivity in room temperature <0.035W/(m.k) GB/T 10285-2008
      Operating <700℃ Optical microscope
      Silicon dioxide aerogel

      Silicon dioxide aerogel is a kind of porous solid material that can disperse gas medium. It is currently the lightest solid material that is applied in engineering. The silicon dioxide aerogel combined with ultrafine basalt fiber mat can be made into aerogel mat.

      Product performance features

      ·Its heat conductivity coefficient is 0.020W/(m.k), which greatly improves the thermal insulation property of the material. And products of which the temperature resistance is 400~800℃ can be obtained by adjusting the category of aerogel. It can be used as thermal insulation material under high temperature condition.

      · It has the features such as super-hydrophobicity, Class-A antiflaming, long life, compression resistance, and non-poison, etc.

      · Compared with traditional thermal insulation material, the thickness of aerogel mat is only 1/2 to 1/5 of traditional thermal insulation material under equivalent insulation effect, which is more space-saving.

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