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      Target Domain
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      Lightweight of automobile

      As the rapid expansion of automobile industry and the increasing environmental awareness of the people, the automotive composite material, one of the main light materials for automobile lightweight, is developing rapidly. The application of composite materials in automobile lightweight will also be the development tendency in automotive field in future.

      Spaceflight and aviation

      As the aerospace industry increasingly requires reducing weight, shortening manufacturing cycle and saving cost, composite materials are used more and more widely.

      Rail transit

      With the advantages of light weight, high strength, outstanding designability and high security, composite materials are widely used in rail transit because combination properties of railway vehicles are improving.

      Ship and ocean engineering

      As a kind of new functional structure material, composite materials can show up excellent performances in the marine environment. Therefore, there are unique advantages for the use of composite materials in marine engineering, such as ships, submersibles, offshore oilfield, submarine cables, pipe network, floating island construction, tidal power generation, etc.

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