Jack Lalanne Juicer Recipes – Effective Juice for Belly Fat Loss

Jack Lalanne juicer recipes have been very popular as one of the way to lose belly fat. Thus, a lot of people want to get good Jack Lalanne juicer recipes to lose their belly fat. Not only good for belly fat loss, in fact there are also tons of biennial thing that you can get from consuming fruits and vegetables fruit. Some of the benefits is that it can help you to cast away all of the toxic substance inside your body which is not good for your health.

Super 7 Jack Lalanne Juicer Recipes

Jack Lalanne Juicer RecipesThere are various Jack Lalanne juicer recipes which are very effective in losing belly fat. But one of the most popular Jack Lalanne juicer recipes is known as Super 7. The ingredients of this juicer are 2 carrots, 1 potato, 2 broccoli, ½ small bête, ¼ red pepper, 1 tomato, and ¼ cucumber. Simply put all the ingredients in the blender and blend them together. This juice works very well to lose your belly fat. The only problem that you might find in consuming this kind of juice is the flavor. Some people might think that the flavor of the juice is not too nice.

Sweet Green Jack Lalanne Juicer Recipes

Jack Lalanne Juicer RecipesSweet Green Jack Lalanne juicer recipes can be an alternative for you who are looking for a better taste juice. The ingredients you need to make this juice are 2 cups of pineapples, I handful of spinach, and 1 handful of wheatgrass.

Mix all the ingredients and simply blend it. Spinach and wheatgrass are good ingredients because they have high anti-oxidant substance, while spinach is rich from vitamin C. That is why this recipe is one of the best Jack Lalanne juicer recipes

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