How to make delicious blueberry smoothie?

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How to make a delicious blue berry smoothie? It is a simple way, you need just between 3 minutes to 5 minutes. Here we will display of how to set up refreshing smoothie, which it grown in popularity in the recent period.

Before continue reading, you need to know a little of benefits of drinking blueberry juice or smoothie.

The benefits of blueberry are presented by James Joseph, Tufts University and Dorothea J Klimis, Maine University. Both nutrient scientists they find a variety of benefits contained in blueberry. The dark color it means because contains anthocyanin compounds contained in the phytonutrients, a substance that gives it the dark color of blueberries, act as anti-oxidants.

Another benefit blueberry is to increase the capacity short-term memory that we need to make sure rote in the brain remain in storage, awaiting a more permanent memory; ability to study space (spatial learning) when you need to memorize any road route, as well as improving motor skills.

Not only that, blueberry also contains a chemical element:  anti-inflammatory substance. Free of inflammation causes smooth flow of blood, which will keep the energy intake for mental functions (memory, problem solving, etc.).

And for all those who do not know what the difference between juice and smoothie?

First: smoothie depends on milk mainly as one of its components
Second: We use whole grain fruit in smoothie, and not just juice.


How to make delicious blueberry smoothie?
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  1. A cup skim milk,
  2. A tray frozen blueberries,
  3. A tablespoon sugar powder,
  4. A Box milk with blueberry- strawberry flavored
  1. Put the skim milk, milk and sugar in a blender, then blend properly so it becomes a good mixture.
  2. Add half the amount of blueberries and re-mixing again, but at a higher speed for a minute
  3. Add remaining blueberries and mix for the last time
  4. Keep the smoothie in refrigerator until cool (you can add ice cubes)
  1. Add mint leaves for the garnish
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Well, we have made a refreshing recipe of smoothie. Hope this is useful for you. Thanks to read ant wait for next recipes.

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