Guava Juice Recipe

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Hello, welcome back again in , this time we will make other fruit juice recipe. What kind of fruit juice? It is guava juice with a little variation. You know it has many benefits, one of them is to treat diarrhea. Read more about guava here. Do you have your own recipes? If yes, please share here, many people are waiting for your unique variations. Please read this following  recipes (this is according to me okay... :D):

How to Make guava juice ? One type is red guava juice. With the main ingredient of guava, lycopene, guava juice can be served with a variety of combinations, like what? Once again, this is according to me:

Red Guava Juice Recipe


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Variation 2

Guava juice has many nutrients, including: Energy 150.7 kcal, 4.6 g carbohydrates, 5.3 grams protein and 8.5 grams of fat.

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Smoothie Guava Recipe

This Smoothie Guava juice recipe has enough nutrients, such as: Energy 103.8 kcal, 2:45 g Carbohydrates, Protein 7.2 g and 10.3 g fat.


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In the next post we will review on the benefits of guava juice recipe. Have you already know the benefits of guava juice recipe for the health of our bodies?

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    Where did you get the pretty guava? I can’t buy them from San Francisco, CA, USA

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      setyawan3 years ago

      Have you tried to buy them in super market?.. They must be there

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