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      Products and Service
      Your current position: Composite products
      Composite products

      HP-RTM technology

      Trunk panel on new energy

      Car roof

      Manufacturing complex products

      High level of productivity through multiple insertion of the press

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      Wet moulding products

      Advantages of wet moulding technology: Short manufacturing cycle (2-4min/part); available to achieve mass production

      The production line saves labor cost as it only needs 4-5 operators.

      Compared to prepreg technology, wet moulding fiber and resin has a lower cost.

      The products are composed of continuous fiber and resin with good mechanical property and both sides of the products are bright and clean.

      The process is simple. Products are moulded by single pressing without preform.

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      Wet moulded plate

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      • Cross member

      • Standard general box product

      Prepreg moulding products

      The packing cases

      Electric car battery box

      Moulding board

      Automobile plate spring

      Carbon fiber products

      controllable resin content and excellent mechanical properties;

      can produce complex products and expand the variety of manufactured products;

      can produce structural parts, currently luxury sports cars, aerospace products are mostly used in this process;

      suitable for small batch production, 500-1000 pieces/year;

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      Pultrusion molding process products

      continuous production with high production efficiency;

      good mechanical properties, especially outstanding longitudinal specific strength and specific stiffness;

      easy to control the process and stable product quality;

      no waste is generated in the process, and the utilization rate of raw materials is high;

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      Anti-collision tube

      Winding process product

      low raw material costs;

      high production efficiency;

      good corrosion resistance, suitable for storage of corrosive liquids;
      The specific strength is high, is 3 times of steel, titanium 4 times;

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      • Pressure on the cylinder

      • Custom canister

      • Pressure piping

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