3 Great Noni Juice recipes

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Noni juice recipes contain various properties and vitamins that's good for our bodies. For those of you who want to consume noni fruit but don’t like its smell at all and finally cancel your intention to consume noni, there are other tips that make noni juice recipes.

The following is a great way to avoid a sense of bitter and spicy on the noni fruit that you usually come across.

Noni Juice recipe 1


[yumprint-recipe id='132']Noni Juice with Pineapple

Noni fruit and pineapples that are processed into juice is believed to has properties to overcome cholesterol in the blood.

Below is a recipe for making Noni juice with pineapple.

[yumprint-recipe id='133']Noni Juice with cucumber tree


[yumprint-recipe id='134']Besides noni fruit, there is great fruit too. Actually not fruit but tuber: Rodent tuber. It is good for alternative cancer treatment. Want to try?

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